【Katsunuma-cho, Koushuu city, Yamanashi prefecture】Herb Garden Trip Diary・A day trip of fully enjoying autumn taste by eating grapes and Houtou


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As for the title, I thought over and over, then finally decided on such a form of this.

You may feel it somewhat strange, however, thank you for reading this in advance.


I went to Koufu city, Yamanashi prefecture to eat grapes and Houtou.

As I visited「Herb garden travel diary,」at that time, I will also introduce it together.


As I went there before a three-day consecutive holiday, this year, the highway was not relatively crowded, I arrived at Katsunuma, the destination, Town of the grape, leaving Saitama to Koufu city, Yamanashi prefecture in about an hour and a half.


What I will introduce firstly is a grape direct sales shop.

There are a lot of attracting sales shop here and there, so it is indeed a famous town of grapes, Katsunuma-cho!!

I moved to a certain direct sales shop as having my parent connection, and took a picture.



While seeing a lot of shine muscat for forwarding use, I bought grapes.

The kinds are limited this year for the weather reason, though, I safely bought shine muscat which I looked for.

And, luckily enough, I also bought remaining Pione and Highbury together, then safely completed my trip purpose Part 1!!!


I came to a Houtou restaurant,「Minaki」, as Part 2 of my trip purpose, where there are rather long queue before its opening・・・

I wrote my name on the waiting board placed at the entrance, and told my order item, my mobile phone number, asking the waiter about how long to wait for receiving actual service, then was said to wait for 2 hours. Heavens!

Because, I hated to stay at the parking lot for a long time, I left there to look for a suitable place to spare time, then I found out a large place of big sign board of「Herb Garden Trip Diary」!So, I suddenly tried to go into the garden.


Herb Garden Trip Diary

Address: 〒409-1315 1736, Todoroki, Katsunuma-cho, Koufu city, Yamanashi prefecture

Business hours: 9:00~17:30

Closing day: Always open

It is a no entrance charged, rather large garden.

Here, let alone walking around the garden, the guests can further experience hand making soap, candle and so on.

It becomes a wonderful place where any aged persons can enjoy.

Besides, there were a lot of full of worth seeing things such as enjoyable smelling herb of rosemary, mint and so on, a big flower tower, amethyst and so on in a large greenhouse.

Further moving in, I came to the area where there are flowers planted all over around.

Regrettably, as it was the end of summer, so re-planting of sunflower started, the workers were working on preparing to bloom cosmos from now on.

There was a notice of footbath area opening from September too. As it was a severe summer day, I did not use it(smile).

Finally, while eating lavender taste soft cream, I saw the souvenir corner, I bought a gift to send my friend.

As it is good time, I returned to「Minaki」.



Address: 〒409-1315 1372, Todoroki, Katsunuma-cho, Koufu ci5y, Yamanashi prefecture

Business hours: 11:00~18:00 ※Dishes sold out, then closed

Closing days: Wednesday, The third Tuesday

This Houtou specialty restaurant, Minaki is an about 130-year-old Keyaki tree made house.

It is also authorized as tangible cultural property, and is a very popular restaurant.

Before its opening, there are about 30 persons or group are waiting, so the reservation is already full at noon time.

There was a nameplate of「Today’s business is over」quickly after opening at the entrance.

Awesome popular restaurant!

There are a lot of staffs in it, working as a smooth turn of the guests.

I admired it very much as I had worked as a staff at a certain restaurant trivially before(smile).


I ordered「pork meat Houtou」this time.

In the dish, hot and tasty pumpkin, carrot, potato, pork meat, and leak on it with steam were served.

As I was rather hungry at that time, I felt I should have ordered a large size portion. However, as the actual served size was much, my stomach was extremely full(smile).

This way, my purpose of Part 2 was safely completed too!!!


The purposes this time were achieved safely, and I arrived at home.

I immediately put the grapes I bought in the refrigerator, and ate shine muscat as dessert after supper, then went to bed.





「Mina-ki」a Houtou restaurant where I went, is rather famous, so , I waited for about three hours after writing my name in the waiting list(smile).

When the waiting guests turn comes even at a distance from the restaurant, there is also a system adapted for summoning the waiting guests. So, if you can return to the restaurant soon, the restaurant will keep the seat for you.

If you would like to eat at「Mino-ki」! , we recommend you to write your name at the restaurant firstly, then carry out other purposes.

The herb garden where I visited this time by the course of nature, was really a wonderful place to forget the time and to spare waiting time.

Let alone walking around the garden, the garden was really a wonderful place for a workshop for hand making candle holder, kaleidoscope and others, herb café while seeing flowers and good-looking varicolored carp, to be able to experience footbath and so on.

It is also often used for tour guests, the handmaking workshop was very crowded.

If I will have a chance next year too, I want to visit rose or nemophila blooming season.



I bought 12 bunch of grapes totally, and was about ¥12,000 in all, for your reference.

However, please understand that the price may change according to the weather and farmers’ cooperative.

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